Fitness Training on Cruise Vacation – Lululemon Athletica Ambassador Sloane Pellegrin’s Five Day Plan

Sloane Pellegrin our personal fitness trainer in Santa Barbara kicks our butts 3 – 5 times a week depending on how busy we are. We asked and she agreed to guest author a post on workouts she wants us to do while on a cruise ship in Mexico for a week. Sloane is a Lululemon Athletica ambassador.


I am going to give you five workouts to accomplish in your
seven days of vacation and you can choose the order and days in which you will
accomplish them. Each workout will last between approximately 45 minutes. Don’t
forget your goggles!
Workout #1: Cardio/Strength
10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, elevate your heart rate
and focus on warming up your body.
Choose 3 of our daily activation exercises and perform 14 of
10 minutes on the elliptical (30 second sprint/30 second easy
Superset: 15 push-ups/14 lat pull-downs (they should have a
machine to perform this on)
Superset: 15 chest fly (machine or dumbbell)/ 14 back high or
low back row
Superset: 1 minute plank on elbows/ 30 body weight squats
Workout #2: Cardio If the ship offers classes look and
see if they offer spinning. If so use a class to replace this workout.
10 minute warm-up on machine of choice
Choose 3 of our daily activation exercises and perform 14 of
Superset: 15 crunches/ 15 bridges (these could be performed on
the floor or on a stability ball)
On a bike (preferably a spin type bike):
o      1
minute hard standing climb/ 1 minute seated easy spin x5
o      5
minute spin
o      5
minute hard standing climb
o      10
minute cool-down
      –               Stretch
Workout #3: Easy day/Swim If the ship does not provide
you with a lap pool you may have to wake-up a bit early and hit the pool before
the crowds do.
Swim for 30 minutes
If the ship has an exercise pool they will provide you with
kick boards, hand paddles and pull buoys. Please utilize all available
Workout #4: Strength
10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, elevate your heart rate
and focus on warming up your body.
Choose 3 of our daily activation exercises and perform 14 of
Superset: 14 squat and rows (cable machine)/ 8 step-ups on
each side (with your body weight)
Superset: 14 squats (with weights of your choice)/ 14 dumbbell
overhead presses
Superset: 14 push-ups to a abdominal ball curl (feet on a
stability ball and hands on the floor)/ 10 single arm dumbbell row (front hand
supporting upper body on a stable surface, flat back, feet shoulder with apart)
Superset: 12 hanging leg raises/ 12 dumbbell front shoulder
Workout #5: Strength/ Cardio
 10 minute warm-up
on the elliptical, elevate your heart rate and focus on warming up your body.
Choose 3 of our daily activation exercises and perform 14 of
On hands and knees, opposite arm/leg lift, elbow to knee 20
times per side x2
On Elliptical: 5 minutes with a challenging resistance
maintaining a higher heart rate, not able to say a whole sentence without a
break to catch your breath.
50 total drop-back lunges
30 push=ups
On elliptical:  30
second sprint/ 30 second easy x5
Side plank with 15 dips per side x2
With dumbbells 20 overhead presses
On elliptical 5 minutes challenging
Using a bench 30 tricep dips (shoulders back and chest tall)
30 bridges on the floor
On elliptical: 5 minutes easy cool-down


Holiday Gift Idea: The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the Southwest

Two wonderful books by Joan Tapper with Photographs by Nik Wheeler.  If you love travel, design and great photography these books are a visual travel adventure and make great coffee table books!  
The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the Southwest at Amazon
“From pueblos to Victorian storefronts to ski resorts: a vision of the southwest that evokes both America’s frontier heritage and the expansive vistas of its future” Nik Wheeler’s photo essays include Route 66, Native American Culture, The Southwest and the Movies. From Thames & Hudson.

The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of California at Amazon


Gucci iphone app – Fashion Luxury Brands & Social Media Networking

Gucci embraces social networking put out this this very hip, very cool and very au current application for the apple iphone. This app allows you to share and mix your own music.  Here’s a link to a interesting New York Time’s article about Luxury Brands adopting Social Media Networking and how this is broadening the definition of Luxury itself. 

Go to GUCCI to download App


Luxury Architecture- Sustainable & Green in Montecito, CA

We are currently under construction in Montecito on this home that we collaboratively designed with the MKD Michelle Kaufmann Designs This home originally was intended to the be a modular house, sustainable and as green as they get. We have converted the project to be a custom built, site built, sustainable house and a LEED for HOMES project where we are setting our goal at Platinum LEED Certification. We will be posting about this house, this project and the LEED certification process as we progress through the project. We just wanted to introduce you to the project now, after all it’s Green Week on NBC. In the Luxury Real Estate market in Santa Barbara and Montecito this will be a first.

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Homeward from Hawaii not exactly Luxury Travel

Image Credit Plan 59  Check out this site for great quality and inexpensive prints to decorate fun spaces with.

Also check out Dark Roasted Blend for “Weird and Wonderful Things”.


Hawaii Five-0 Time to Go to Luxury Row!


If you haven’t been to Honolulu or haven’t been here since Jack Lord was posing for his  close up atop a glamorous modernist  Honolulu High Rise Then you haven’t’ seen Luxury Row on Waikiki’s Kalakaua Ave. Shopping in this district has definitely been ramped up to World Class. Along with Luxury Row, Waikiki Beach Walk™ and the renovation of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center has brought new life to what had become a rather dreary section of Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki. You will find these “gorgeous” boutiques luxury brands there.



B O T T E G A  V E N E T A

Tiffany & Co., Coach, YvesSaintLaurent, Chanel, Gucci, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta, and Hugo Boss are at 2100 Kalakaua Ave. Nearby are also, Louis Vuitton & Max Mara and Apple.

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