Chalkboard Paint: It’s all it’s Chalked up to be!

Feeling the need to switch things up a little? Bored with those white walls you never got around to painting? Well I have the design cure for you! It’s called chalkboard paint. Not only is it kid approved (they can finally draw on your walls), it ca

n also be a very chic way to dress up a room.

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It is also an easy way to label cabinets and or create a visual to do list as well as a place to leave notes and ideas. Here are a few images to get your creative juices flowing:

Use your fridge not only to refrigerate and also to remember! As seen on the 818 blog!

Let your kids express their creativity all over their playroom walls! (project nursery)

Add aesthetic value to your home. Love these pillars! (All Things Thrifty)

A few months ago, I decided my cheap coffee table from IKEA wasn’t quite cutting it anymore. I told my boyfriend about my drab design problem and he suggested we make it into a chalkboard. He sanded it down, put a couple coats of chalkboard paint on it and, ta-da, my coffee table was young and hip again. When we have guests over, everyone enjoys being able to make their mark on our table. However, our table is not as awesome as this little cutie’s (The Imagination Tree):

Have fun with decorating and try something new like chalkboard paint! It’s great for all ages!

Beauty Secret: Argan Oil

Want to stop signs of aging ASAP? Try this hidden beauty secret that is just gaining popularity in the U.S. It’s called Argan Oil. Known by the Moroccan Berber community as the “Tree of Life,” the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) has supported the people of these arid regions for centuries.

high vitamin E content makes for an amazingly rich moisture for your face and hair. I know many Americans are hesitant to use  facial products with oil (notice how many products purport  to be “oil free” next time you go to buy beauty products) but  Argan Oil is an all natural, grease-free way to improve the texture of your face and hair.

Moroccan women take the Argan nut and press it to collect the precious, pure oil.

Just recently I have been using former model, Josie Maran’s, cosmetic line which completely centers around the benefits of Argan oil.  I absolutely love all of her products– so much that my daily routine consists of nothing but Maran’s products. I start out with the Argan primer mist, followed by the Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40 and to top it off I apply the Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation (which goes on white but then instantly matches your natural skin tone.)  After these three steps I feel ready to take on the day with my fresh face!  Even better, by the end of the day my face still has that  dewy look that we all love, especially during the summer months.

Natural beauty Josie Maran. Who wouldn’t take beauty advice from this gorgeous girl?!

One last product that I MUST recommend is Moroccan Oil: Oil Treatment for all Hair Types. I will  say that all their hair products are wonderful but if you want to try only one product to start, the oil treatment is my definite recommendation! I pour a dime- sized bit  into the palm of my hand and run it through my wet hair after a shower. Additionally, if your hair is in need of some extra loving, you can use more oil and run it through your dry hair,  sleep with it in,  and simply wash it out the next morning.

All Josie Maran products are available on her website as well as at Sephora.

Morrocan Oil products can be found at most salons, beauty supply stores and on Amazon.

My Trip to Melrose Trading Post

Last Sunday I went to the Melrose Trading Post, which is held at Fairfax High in Los Angeles, CA. No matter where you live, there is probably  a weekly or monthly flea market happening in your city or a city near you. I strongly encourage attending  for the following reasons:


1. Tons and tons of awesome furniture! You can find everything from newly- handcrafted pieces to antiques,  and everything in between. Also, most of the furniture is very fairly priced and sellers are always open to making “deals.”

2. Tons and tons of clothes! The best part about buying clothing from a flea market is the fact that most of the items are vintage which means that each piece is so  unique that you will rarely see anyone else wearing the same thing. Check out those fab furs, glamourous hats, leather shoes and copious amounts of jean shorts!


American Beauty: 4th of July Fashion

As the 4th of July quickly approaches, I’m sure  you are getting your celebratory plans in place. Whether you are headed to the beach or just BBQing at a friend’s house, I have come up with some festive fashion choices for Independence day! Luckily, because American flag print is super trendy right now it’s not difficult to find an outfit.  If you have the legs for them, I would start here with these Vintage American Jean Shorts.

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Then if you can pull off stillettos, The Giuseppe Zanotti Design has a perfect blend of patriotism, sexy and chic.

Also, don’t worry about spending a bit more money on your ensemble as you can wear the pieces you buy after the 4th (major trend alert!)

1. USA Tank Top at Urban Outfitters, 2. Dockers Slim Chino in Red at Urban Outfitters,  3. American Flag Converse on eBay,  4. Sparkle & Fade American Flag Swing Tank Top at Urban Outfitters,  5. American Cutoff Short at Nasty Gal 6. Lita Platform Boot – American Flag at Nasty Gal

My boyfriend Spencer and I decided to go with a stars and stripes combo this last April at the Coachella Music Festival, and I can honestly say our outfits received too many  compliments! Be sure to send us your 4th of July Fashion pics!

Work From Home. OfficePOD offers Modern & Chic Space

OfficePOD claims to be “changing the way people work” and I have to agree with them. Many of us begrudgingly make our commute to work each morning and wish f

or nothing else than to be able to stay at home and work in our pajamas. Although working from home gives you much more flexiblity in your day, it also presents many potential problems. Being at home often includes many distractions such as TV, children, pets, household chores, yard work, etc. These are all reasons that many of us find that we are more productive in an office setting rather than a home setting.

But at last, OfficePOD would like to welcome us all to the new generation of the workplace. Those distractions that working out of your home can bring can instantly disappear because the ingenious people at OfficePOD have come to the rescue. With an OfficePOD you can now be productive at home because you are not actually inside of your home!

The OfficePOD fits comfortably fits into your back yard.

Your OfficePOD can also be used as an additional room as a workshop for crafting and hobbies, a playroom for children or just a hidden oasis in your yard.

The inside is spacious with a long desktop and cabinets for easy organization and storage.

Have to stay late at the office one night? The OfficePOD is equipped with lights in the ceiling as well as hidden in the walls.

If you already work from home or are thinking about forgoing your commute to work or if you just want an additional room, the OfficePOD is a great choice and a very modern, chic one at that!

The Archipod is another example of what is possible to add additional space for working from home or your own backyard. See Inhabitat for even more great ideas in Pre-fab Architecture.

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Distraction From Panic- Great Summertime Reads

Oh summertime! The weather is warm, the days are slower, and we all finally have time to read those books we haven’t had time to get around to. Everyone looks forward to taking a few days off work, relaxing in the s

un, and being in the company of a great summer read. This summer why not forgo the usual best seller and jump into the wonderful world of short stories and collected essays.

Below I have listed a few books that I recommend you check out!

The Stories of John Cheever by John Cheever

The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway by Ernest Hemingway

When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by Gail Collins

Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female by Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine

This summer I will be reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I must admit I am not usually one to read a collection of essays or classic literature during the summer; however, I recently saw the trailer for the film adaptation of Larsson’s book and it looked awesome, so I am going to read it before I see the film.

Happy reading!

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