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Happy Thanksgiving-“The Gobble Song”

Ryan Reynolds is Globally Gorgeous as Sexiest Man Alive

Ryan Reynolds is Globally Gorgeous, and  the sexiest man alive,  according to People. Well,  we agree with People Magazine’s decision to make him  their 25th anniversay Sexiest Man Alive honoree!  Evidently he will not be eating my Ruby’s Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving as it would not be good for his “eight pack!”

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As Ryan is Canadian,  we wonder if he and his talented and beautiful wife Scarlett Johansson will be invited to the Royal Wedding.



Sustainable Flooring by Eco Timber

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Photo Courtesy: Teragrin
walls are up and the time is NOW to start choosing our final selections
for the interior finishes on the current project near Butterfly Beach in Montecito. We will be choosing FSC Certified Flooring to keep in line with our Platinum LEED Certification. Ecotimber floors FSC Certified and are made from the highest quality woods that are harvested in a sustainable way. Instead of simply clear cutting a forest in order to get all of its hardwood, Ecotimber is obtained through selective cutting where only the highest quality trees are used. Responsible companies ensure that they do not deplete the forest, but instead plant trees and engage in other sustainable practices.
Two of their most popular finishes are in the EcoBamboo line.
EcoBamboo in Amber
EcoBamboo in Honey
EcoBamboo-Dyed Woven Bamboo-Black Tie
Green Doesn’t Mean Boring. EcoTimber hardwood flooring is
available in some of the richest and most luxurious wood. Brazilian
Cherry, Rose Teak, Royal Walnut, White Tigerwood, Santos Mahogany,
Angico are some of the most popular exotic woods available.
One of my favorites for a ‘beach-y look” is in the EcoVintage line.
Walnut Pre-finished in Summer Calm.
A couple other favorites in the EcoVintage line :
EcoVintage Standwoven Poplar- Afternoon Tea
EcoVintage-Woven Engineered-Pinstripe
Look for the certifying stamp to distinguish between “greenwashed” and genuine ecological forest products.
Today, a growing number of timber producers and traders are making
environmental claims. Some are accurate, but others are misleading or
To make sure that you are getting your unfinished hardwood floors from a
true Ecotimber source, check to see if the company has been
independently certified by an organization such as the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC).
Eco Timber is currently donating Proceeds to benefit “Voice of the Wetlands” a charity for Gulf Oil Cleanup.

Sustainable Living In San Fransisco’s Presidio District

The Belles Townhomes are San Francisco’s first LEED Platinum-certified multi-family housing units. The seven unit multi-family building is designed and built by Kieran Timberlake and LivingHomes in a modern vernacular. It’s an adaptive reuse project which has turned a hospital into an apartment building in the city’s historic Presidio district (and National Park!)
Its own sustainable community, the Presidio Landmark was built with the love of nature, culture, community, and urban conveniences in mind. It’s within walking distance to both the Lobos Valley Overlook and the artsy boutiques and Asian markets of the Richmond District. Laurel Village cafes and shops are nearly as close as the serpentine cliffs of Baker Beach. A short bike ride brings you to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands—or a 20-minute bus ride lands you in the Financial District.

Each home features an energy dashboard to monitor energy usage in hopes that residents will become more aware of their usage and lower their footprint. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in an underground aquifer to minimize stormwater runoff and drought- tolerant plants are used in the landscaping. Over 90% of the interior spaces receive natural daylighting. With solar panels on the roof, energy monitoring and efficient appliances inside, rainwater collection and a lot more,  new tenants are sure to feel happy-go-lucky.
Each 3-bedroom unit is a 3-story design with low- or no-VOC carpets, paints or adhesives and uses a high concentration of recycled-content materials.  Each home has its own roof top solar system to provide some of the energy needs. The first and second floor feature the garage, storage and the three bedrooms and bathrooms; the third floor contains the main living spaces.
This is truly city living that aligns with your values, your interests and your desire to live life to the fullest.

If you haven’t seen our current Platinum LEED Certified project on Butterfly Beach in Montecito, check it out here.

“Death Ray” at Swank Hot Spot the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy: KRISTIN DONALDSON / LAS VEGAS SUN…….Too Hot to Handle? I was stunned when watching the NBC nightly news to learn that the design of the new chic Las Vegas Vdara Hotel had an anomaly in its building design.  It seems the sun’s reflection is deflected by the parabolic curve of the facade of the building and creates an intense hot spot near the pool.

“The refraction moves across the pool deck over a period of 90 minutes,” company spokesman Gordon Absher told Reuters. “It’s never in the same place from day to day or week to week because the sun is changing its elevation in the sky.”MGM Resorts, which owns the property, has sought to correct the problem by installing a high-tech solar film over each of the 3,000 glass panes covering the south facade of the Vdarato scatter the rays. But the concentrated sunlight remains hot enough at certain times, in certain spots, to melt plastic and singe hair, said William Pintas, 49, a Chicago lawyer and Vdara condo owner who first encountered the effect earlier after a dip in the pool. When his head started burning, he thought it was from chemicals in the pool.”So I just laid down in the chair, and that’s when my back and the back of my legs started burning, and I ran under a nearby umbrella. And I’m under the umbrella and there is no shading from the light or heat,” he recounted. “It was the strangest thing.”Pintas said he could even smell his hair starting to burn. Astonished and angry, he alerted hotel staff, then called the local newspaper to draw attention to the problem. Absher said MGM Resorts is “now looking into further mitigation procedures,” including more umbrellas, additional foliage or shade structures. Courtesy Reuters

Photo courtesy:

By the way, this is a very gay-friendly hotel and that makes the  MGM Mirage Vdara Hotel  a very very C O O L  property……
“We are excited to welcome the LGBT community with a high-energy, upscale pool party unlike anything in Las Vegas,” said Mary Giuliano, General Manager for Vdara Hotel & Spa. “With our designer architecture, personal service and unique location, Vdara is quickly becoming a hot destination for the sophisticated LGBT traveler.”

Art at 360 SEE- A Show in Sustainability in Chicago

‘Shade L’ By grassland (2010)

Natural Grass Object.
Real grass on fabric lamp shade proportioned to be used as a hanging swag lamp.

Another Chicago Art Event, 360 SEE is showing “On the wall & On the floor,” an annual design exhibition. Each artist and designer participating has created a free-standing or tabletop piece and a piece for the wall. All of the results on display in some way embrace the sustainably-minded media-choice philosophy of the gallery and are works constructed with reclaimed, re-purposed, responsibly-sourced and even living materials.

‘Eleanor’ By Jesse Hooker (2009)

Salvaged antique yellow pine and original rear seat from a 1969 Ford Mustang fastback
48″L x 24″D x 24″H, sits 18″H
featured with steel Pastorals 11/06/09 – 12/15/09

Furniture maker and artist Jesse Hooker creates functional works out of reclaimed wood and has started to incorporate metal into his pieces. Hooker is exhibiting a mirror and console pair made of reclaimed English Sycamore and salvaged iron. The pieces, titled ‘Scholes’ and ‘Bogart,’ were named after the intersecting streets where the iron for the pieces was sourced. 
‘Tired Lounge’ By Leo Kempf (2010)

FSC Birch, recycled tires
25″W x 31″H x 50″L
On the floor & On the wall 2 9/2/10 – 10/16/10

Designer Leo Kempf, an “On the wall & On the floor” veteran, has traded in his cardboard furniture designs for newly-designed pieces made of FSC certified Birch and repurposed tires . Kempf created a rocking recliner upholstered with tension-woven reclaimed tire strips and a wall mantle inlaid with tire treads.
‘Current Lamp’ By Kara Bartelt (2010)

Tillandsia kolbii air plants on a white glass orb with CFL grow bulb
12″ in diameter
On the floor & On the wall 2 9/2/10 – 10/16/10

Architect and designer Kara Bartelt creates design objects incorporating living air plants into her pieces. Bartelt is exhibiting both a functional lamp and decorative wall piece with living air plant elements.
‘Untitled: Chevrolet’ By Joel Hester (2010)

Salvaged Chevrolet truck metal collage on steel
55.5″L x 26″H x 2″D
On the floor & On the wall 2 9/2/10 – 10/16/10

Designer Joel Hester continues to show his modern furniture pieces made of reformed vintage car metal and steel at 360SEE. Hester is exhibiting a coffee table made from the hood of a mid-century Chevy truck and a wall covering collage of Chevy truck metal pieces. 
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