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Sharing images of our modern design for the sustainble beach house we built in Montecito California. Check out more at Maienza + Wilson

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A beautiful hike on the Columbia River in Portland. Inspired by Chartreuse.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.15.16 AM

A beautiful use of Chartreuse by Amy Lau Design.


Search “Chartreuse” on





‘Art Deco Hawaii’ at Honolulu Museum of Art

If your in Honolulu before Jan 11, 2015 try to go to the Honolulu Museum of Art to see this fantastic exhibition.  Heres a great read on it by Jessica Gelt at the La Times  .

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.40.26 AMPhoto courtesy of Honolulu Museum of Art

IMG_3228-1024x768Photo courtesy of Honolulu Museum of Art


” I Love Paris When It Sizzles” …Design Week 2014

Gregg and I were  invited to join two of our favorite showrooms in Los Angeles for special events during Paris Deco Off 2014. A big Merci Beaucoup to the folks at Kneedler Fauchere and Donghia for organizing a very special experience for designers to visit the most famous creators in international decoration at their Parisian showrooms.  We especially want to thank Lee Winterstein at Donghia and the Kneedler Fauchere Family Doug Kinzley, Rocky La Fleur, Gina  Dewitt &  Mark Hemphill for being such gracious hosts.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Charles Paris hosted a wonderful party on the Seine below the Eiffel Tower and debuted their product line based on the designs of Felix Agostini. Charles Paris is represented by Donghia in Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.35.13 PM

Gregg Wilson, David Pascual from Wimberly Interiors, Lee Winterstein from Donghia and Me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.35.00 PM

Andrea and Sandrina Rubelli  hanging out at the DJ Booth at the Charles Paris party on the Seine.  Donghia is dear to my heart, as a young (really young) designer I worked for Mr. Donghia (as we all called him), Angelo Donghia, in his New York design firm. The Donghia legacy lives on with the Rubelli Family.

Patrick and Pierre Frey

Patrick and and his son Pierre presenting Pierre Frey. The Frey’s hosted a very entertaining showing of their new line at the home of Vincent Frey for designers invited by Kneedler Fauchere.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.51.11 AM

Doug Kinzley and Robin Rivera engrossed in the presentation by the Director of the Frey Archives.  Truly one of the best archives in the world of 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century textiles.

Archive at Pierre Frey

photo 2

Nobilis Design Director showed off their new line with great panache.

photo 1 copy

I was fascinated by the diverse “atelier” presentation styles of each fabric company. Loved the organization of the Dedar line in their showroom.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.24.02 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.23.39 PM

photo 5

 Interesting to see how Hermes translates their fashion design into decoration.

Paris Deco Off

Maienza Wilson at Studio Art

Our dear friend Patricia de Gramont with Gregg and Michele Ascione from Studio Art discussing their leather product designed and cut to look like lace, I like it … leather and lace.

Hotel de Ville, Paris

Arriving at the Hotel de Ville for the American Party in Paris.

Americans in Paris Party 2014

At the American Party in Paris with Mark Hemphill from Kneedler Fauchere, Stephan Jones, and the gorgeous Peggy and Tessa Platner. I have no idea how they ended up in exactly the same spot when I shot the pics .. not planned!

photo 2

Honestly, the best part of this coordinated event was meeting such wonderful and talented people. Hilary Hayes and Trevor Howells. They are Hayes & Howells now at the Kneedler Fauchere welcome brunch.

Marche Aux Puces

We had a ball hanging out with Rodrigo Vargas and his partner Erik. Vargas is background center, the handsome guy with arms crossed. We are at a breakfast at the Marche aux Puces with the Kneedler Fauchere clan organized by Andrew Joseph PR.


Nothin better than a “Big Bowl O’ Brioche”!  Right Mark?

photo 3

Andrew Joseph and Doug Kinzley listening to the presentation by Toma Clark Haines.

photo 1

 The Antiques Diva… Toma Clark Haines briefing designers at the Marche aux Puces.

photo 5

 Culinary merchandising perfection..

photo 2 copy

 Fresh Oyster’s while you shop?

photo 2 copy 3

 Studied merchandising is the norm at the market…

photo 3 copy

Dejuener for vendors at the flea market.

Maienza Wilson Paris

Gregg Wilson and Mark Hempill on Rue Jacob

Inga Guzyte & Female Artists in Santa Barbara at DNA Gallery

She melted our hearts when we met her. In person Inga Guzyte is as stunning as her art.  Inga’s art is at once surprising, humorous,  unexpected, and out of the box creative! She is a skater who happens to fancy making art out of old skateboards as her primary medium. Yes! She repurposes old skateboards! Just think of the history that one board has…it fills my mind with the mythology of it all. Then, add Inga’s characters and you just want to take one home and hug it, or in the case of our friend hang it above your DJ Booth!  There is a story (the mythology) behind each one of her pieces. You must hear it from if  you’re in Santa Barbara this  First Thursday, come to Dichotomy at the DNA Gallery featuring women artists in Santa Barbara.



Inga Guzyte Artist

Inga Guzyte

Inga Guzyte for Pay Junction

Inga Guzyte Art

IMG_8795 IMG_3394 copy


DNA Gallery SB Inga Guzyte

Arriving in Rome With No Hotel: Are you a Platinum, Diamond, Preferred Platinum Member?

We had late bite last night with friends at our favorite local italian restaurant in Santa Barbara. Our waiter, Claudia, who we met at this restaurant 18 years ago, told us she was going to Italy for the first time on Tuesday…with no reservations!!!Marriott Rome

Courtesy: Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora

Claudia is traveling with her very handsome friend who was sitting at the bar waiting for her  to get off her shift.  Neither of them have been to Italy before and Claudia told us they were arriving without reservations at any hotel. Well, that animated the conversation quickly and Claudia’s  friend joined in. Suddenly there were four ‘seasoned’ Platinum, Diamond, Preferred Platinum….status travels slinging advice at these Italy ‘virgins’ from across the table.  Whether it was wanted advice or not, the couple was voraciously taking notes on a napkin!  It turns out Mr. Handsome Travel Companion was a Hilton Diamond member and Marriott Platinum member.  Rich, we learned, was an environmental hygienist and traveled constantly around the country working hard in a complex industry and not really tuning into his awards programs whatsoever.  It had not even occurred to him to contact the awards programs of either big brand hotels to help select a hotel in Rome or Florence.   We suggested he do so immediately because from personal experience we knew it would solve  their problem instantly.  This suggestion opened a debate about which awards program offered the best benefits, Marriott, Hilton or Starwood.  Gregg and I suggest the couple book at Marriott using his Platinum award status. We had stayed at the Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora and enjoyed the hotel, its location the design and amenities. The most important advice we gave them was don’t plan too much and be sure to  “passeggiata”..stroll after dinner every night.


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