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Globe-trotting architects, designers and decorators, John and Gregg create unique living environments and examine the lifestyles that bring out the “WOW” in all of us. They collaborate from two perspectives, giving us their insiders’ take on what’s fresh and keeping us abreast of the latest trends as they unfold. They do all this with an eye on preservation of our environment, reserving their attention for those special people and organizations who stand for sustainability even as they make advances in the aesthetics of our lives.

Their work has developed a wide following and been published internationally.

To see some of their latest architectural designs, take a look at their Montecito estate and watch the progress as they build their LEED Platinum beach house.

JOHN MAIENZA is a registered architect and interior designer with a Masters Degree in Architecture and Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University. GREGG WILSON holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pepperdine University and has a decades’ long career in construction and management.