Design Inspiration through Film Art: Mon Oncle

Movies provide great ways to get inspired. Film aesthetics have been referenced in numerous fashion collections and interior design trends. Here, I focus a  spotlight on the gorgeous French film Mon Oncle(1958.)

The sets for the film, designed by Jacques Lagrange, were built in 1956 at Studios de La Victorine (now known as Studios Riviera), near Nice, and torn down after filming was complete

The main character, Mr. Hulot, is the dreamy, impractical, and adored uncle of young Gérard, who lives with his materialistic parents in an ultra-modern geometric house and garden (Villa Arpel) in a new suburb of Paris. Gérard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arpel, are firmly entrenched in a machine-like existence of work, fixed gender roles, and the acquisition of status through possessions and conspicuous display.

Each element of Villa Arpel is representational rather than functional– an environment completely hostile to the comfort of its occupants. In choosing modern architecture to punctuate his satire, Tati once stated, “geometrical lines do not produce likable people”.

The colors used in the rock garden are absolutely stunning as well as absurd.

If you have not yet seen this movie I suggest renting it. Your eyes are in  for a treat!

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