The 5 Mile Wave Ride Amidst the Alaskan Wilderness

Imagine catching a wave at breakfast and riding it all the way until  lunch time.  A group of stand-up paddlers did just that when they rode a wave for nearly 5 miles surrounded by the pristine Alaskan wilderness.  This was made possible by a phenomenon called a tidal bore which causes the leading edge of an oncoming tide to push against an opposing current or the direction of the river, thus actually creating a tidal wave.
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The magical event played out on the Turnagain Arm in the Cook Inlet near Girdwood, Alaska.
Scott Dickerson, of SurfAlaska captured the image and shot video (both shown in this post) from a motorized paraglider and referred to this as “bore fever”.

I like the looks of this much more than this footage I found on GrindTV taken by Chuck Patterson off San Onofre in northern San Diego County…

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