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An Eco friendly Store: We Love Priscilla Woolworth

Priscilla Woolworth refers to herself as a curator, finding special things and interesting information.  Her constant research of eco- themed living brought about her vision for a store where she shares her great selection of findings.  As she learns to turn her home into a chemical free, non toxic, energy and water saving, healthier place to live, she hopes to also inspire others to feel pride in knowing they can buy and contribute towards making our world a better place for our children.
Her store features her “finds” as well as her own designs, such as the Valentina Composter.

“It really is satisfying to make your own compost using your very own kitchen and yard waste. It’s the ultimate in recycling and such an easy way to reduce waste going to landfills. When I think that the rotten bananas, lettuce or tomatoes, don’t need to be thrown out in the regular trash bin but can be turned instead into very useful, nutrient rich soil conditioner, to replenish the depleted soil in my garden, is phenomenal.
DID YOU KNOW… that each individual effort helps, and that if we all started composting, we could help prevent global warming by reducing emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which gets produced when organic waste decomposes when it’s been buried in landfills.”
I love this Cotton
Cloth Bea Bag
Handmade in Nepal.  It is made by a women’s
cooperative in the remote mountain villages of Tipling, Sherhung and
Lapa in Nepal.  Sturdy and bright, sure to make you feel good, just
holding it. Not just a great utilitarian product, it also provides
Humanitarian aid through Fair Trade.

This Soft
Black Blanket
is handmade in Los Angeles and “embodies ease,
relaxation, coziness and comfort.

If none of those things grabbed you check out her website and blog for more great finds
including a recipe for
Roasted Kale
. I am sure you will find something to inspire or delight you.

Our New Video “Modernism & Glamour – Filmed in Montecito, California”

Please Start the Video Let it play for 10 seconds then start over, it will stream much smoother.

Modernism & Glamour from John Maienza & Gregg Wilson on Vimeo.
This is our new Video “Modernism & Glamour” This video shows the result of our extensive rebuild / renovation of  a mid century, Hollywood Regency Style Estate, originally designed by the famed designer John Elgin Woof who’s  career spanned five decades from the  1930’s -1970’s. Woolf’s client list was a virtual who’s who of Hollywood. Here’s a great link to an interesting article written by Vanity Fair editor at large Matt Tyrnauer “Glamour Begins at Home” written about Woolf, his work and his unique legacy.

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Video Music:
Zero 7 – Song: Polaris
From the Album “Simple Things” released June 12, 2001
No copyright infringement is intended and Music can be purchased here on iTunes.

Eco Luxury & Eco- Conscious Design Finds

Tonecoon Indoor /Outdoor Water Hyacinth Lounge By Pie at Vivavi

Rock Floor Sculpture at Cantoni

Sea Anemone Light Box by Jefdesigns

 Bamboo Easy Lounge by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for Pie at Vivadi

Beata Light at Pinch Design

Volcano Lightning Video: Hawaii Video and Photos from Iceland


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Photograph by Marco Fulle, Barcroft/Fame Pictures  – Volcano Lightning in Iceland

Photograph by Marco Fulle, Barcroft/Fame Pictures – Volcano Lightning in Iceland

Check Out National Geographic Daily News for amazing photos of Volcano Lighting in Iceland. 

iPad & Cat.. If you’re a Cat Lover You will love the Cat and iPad


Mao Mao

When I get my new iPad 3G 64g that I got for my birthday (thank you Gregg) Mao Mao our Abyssinian cat who is smart and active may have to get her own Apple toy! Here she is playing with a toy chimp given to her by Jane Goodall when she came to a benefit dinner at our home for the Jane Goodall Institute!

Recycled Plastic Self Suffecient Island the size of Hawaii

Netherlands based firm, Whim Architects are planning to turn existing plastic waste that is floating in our ocean and turn it into a Recycled Island the size of Hawaii.  This plan proposes to clean our oceans from plastic waste, create new land and set an example of how to create a new sustainable habitat.  A grant for the project was issued in January 2010 by the Netherlands Architectural Fund.  The location will be in the North Pacific Gyre, NE of Hawaii, where the largest concentration of plastic waste has been discovered.  Due to it’s floating character, the position could eventually be altered.

Habitants will live in plastic homes and work on farms or grow seaweed.  The island will be completely self-sufficient, producing its own food and energy and managing waste.

“By recycling the plastic waste into a construction material for new islands, it will have new econimic value.”  This will stimulate gathering plastic from the oceans and create new land, thus cleaning our oceans.

Energy will be powered by solar power and bio wave technology by Bio Power Systems.

Seaweed will be farmed right offshore to be used for food, fertilizer, biofuel, medicine and Co2 absorption.

I wish I’d thought of this.  Brilliant.

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