5 Minute Gourmet Breakfast

Here is a healthy Saturday morning favorite in our house, a
blend of color and textures, simply prepared, nutritious, and FAST.  This meal looks so good, it could go
down in front of great chefs or entertaining in-laws, and they could not help
but enjoy it.  The design of this
plate is simply beautiful, and this is a great ‘fitness’ brunch meal.

A Perfectly Poached Egg should be just slightly running…31/2 minutes…

4 Fresh eggs, Perfectly Poached
2 Sourdough English Muffins
2 cups of Mache or Frisee Blend Salad Greens
1 Satsuma tangerines
Herbed Salad Dressing
Fresh Cracked pepper and salt
Egg Poacher
Preparation: For Two
Simply put, tpoach the eggs in a poacher for 3 to 4 minutes,
or more traditionally fill a sauce pan with about 3 cups of water, break each egg
into a teacup, drop into the sauce pan after the water has boiled, and let them
poach. 3-4 minutes
Meanwhile, toast the muffins to your liking, and dress the
plates with the Frisee or Mache greens. 
Arrange the muffins on the plate, lightly dress the salad and arrange
the tangerines atop the salad or next to it. 
Drain the eggs now, place gingerly on the muffins and
sprinkle generously with pepper and a dash of salt. 
All in under five minutes, couldn’t have designed a  faster or tastier meal…

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